February 4, 2013

  • Banh Mi Fries, Kimchi Fries @ JoJu!!!

    PH: 347-808-0887

    83-25 Broadway
    Elmhurst, NY 11373


    So i had seen on JoJu’s facebook that they had posted something about Banh Mi Fries and Kimchi fries…and i love fries..and the pics they posted looked amazing..and Jelly had also mentioned to me that i should definitely try them…so why the hell not?

    New Fries Menu:


    - click for larger menu –


    Fries came crispy and hot and oh so ready to be dug in to, had to get them both “loaded” aka with fried egg on top!

    Kimchi Fries (loaded): $5.25


    Seasoned & battered french fries topped with mild spicy mayo, kimchi, chopped scallions, cilantro and jalapenos. (got this loaded AKA FRIED EGG ON TOP!!!)


    The crunchiness of the kimchi and fries mixed well together, only amplified by the warm egg yolk. If the tiny kick from the kimchi didn’t get you, the spicy mayo added another one, and then another tiny spicy bump from the jalapenos. All in all, very well done. Love how they get the fries so crispy!

    Banh Mi Fries (Loaded): $5.25


    Seasoned & Battered French fries topped with special house sauce, mild spicy mayo, spicy green sauce, pickled daikon & carrots, chopped cilantro and jalapenos. (got it loaded again so topped with a fresh fried egg)


    I really love all the vegetables in this, all the different flavors stacked on top of each other…each bite tasting different from the next….I find myself trying to get as many of the ingredients as i can into my mouth at once.


    and then just popping that warm runny egg all over the mess of goodness….just completes this work of art…every bite different…sooo worth the calories… lol


    So if i had to compare the two…I’m afraid to say, the Banh Mi fries definitely beat out the Kimchi fries…and since they are the same price, i feel the Banh Mi fries are definitely best bang for buck!!! :D

    Summation: Everyone that i’ve taken to have Banh Mi fries loves them…and can’t get enough of them…Even my mom loves them…. I highly recommend them…if you are a JoJu friend, this is definitely a no brainer.

    What’s even better is that if you order them via take out…you don’t have to worry about the fries getting soggy, as they crisp up (well done) the fries so that the crispy-ness holds up pretty well against the fried egg (of course i’m not saying leave it in the box for four hours before eating it…of course it will get soggy…)

    Another great “JoJu Invention” lol.


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